Bar Rescue

Bar Rescue S4/Ep37.

John Taffer seems to have a clue about the bar business.

He has no clue about design and, for that matter, punctuation.

In this episode he goes apeshit on yet another hapless bar owner. Then, after aforementioned apeshitness, goes into rehab mode.

Of course, the solution is craptastic design. This episode was wonderful in that he “honored” the owner’s military background with shitty “militaristic” logos, and of course the stellar re-name of “Off Base Bar.”

Sans hyphen.

I suppose it could make some sense without the hyphen, but I don’t think that’s what they were going for.




Walking into the room I hear on the television:

“Stay strong… stay active… with booze.”

“Damn,” I think to myself, “someone finally got it right.”

Then I realize it’s “Boost” not “booze.”

Fuck you Ritz Crackers

It’s fucking November 3rd and I just got assaulted with “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” while kids got fat under a fucking dining room table and then there was a tag line about fucking Christmas Gifts. I still have goddam Halloween shit up.