Brewhouse Bacon

It’s rare for me to actually like a commercial.

A necessary evil for this cesspool called Television, advertisements are most often irritating crap that really showcase little-to-no creativity. It’s almost as if the “executives” make it a point to put the absolutely most shitty concepts on the air.

“If we put dumb shit on the air, we’ll make our viewers dumb shits, and then they’ll buy our garbage!”


When I lived in Japan, it wasn’t (and most likely still isn’t) like the shit spewed on television in the good ol’ United States of America. Commercials were (are?) actually entertaining. They took time to craft decent shit. Hell, sometimes the ads were better than the goddam shows I was watching.

But I digress…

Jack in the Box has recently started running an ad touting their new¬†Jack’s Brewhouse Bacon Burger.

Jack in the Box ads for the most part are generally palatable, and this one is no exception.

Set in a “brewhouse/brewpub/gastropub/douche nest” it has Jack in disguise as a bartender (just missing a man bun) handing out a Jack burger in liu of something that came out of the kitchen.

Big reveal that it’s from Jack in the Box. People freak.

Big reveal that he’s Jack. People freak.

For some reason I find this whole thing hilarious.