Super Bowel (sic) LI

Still waiting for some comical Gaga outfit disaster. It’s halftime for crissakes.

Nipple malfunction. Or whatever.

A keytar did, however, make an appearance.

Sometimes safe is more fun.

Or something.

Halftime just finished… someone from Vega$ is going to put in a phone call. This score is most likely unacceptable to many.


Fox Football Robot

Ok, 2016 NFL Football is upon us like a moist towelette.

I’m finally getting around to watching a game on Fox Sports, and lo! & behold! There’s that fucking dip-shit crap with the glowing eyes.

Fox Sports still has that dumb-ass robot football player thing that walks all over the screen. Trying to look all cool and shit.

Looks like a fucking pile of idiotic garbage.

What in the name of fuck is that shit? I’ve been watching it for years. What are we, 9? Is this supposed to be “cool?” This is shit that you put on fucking onesies for fucking babies. Goddam.

It’s fucking immature and stupid. Jesus fucking Christ, get rid of that shit already, people and grow the fuck up.